The last 9 months have been incredibly busy, hence the lack of updates here. I have worked on AstroBin nearly every night, for several hours; I have made a human being; I have worked my day job; I have done some astrophotography.

AstroBin is still enjoying a linear growth, both in number of users and web traffic, as we’re nearing half a million pages viewed each month. I hope to reach that target in January 2013. There are now over 3000 users, and the community is more and more engaged.

I have also launched a sister site, AstroBin Questions. It’s a Q&A website fashioned after StackOverflow, whose goal is to steer the astrophotography community away from the user interaction offered by forum, which is really poor if you want objective answers to real questions. You can read more about this on AstroBin Questions introductory page.

Over the summer I’ve had great fun with astrophotography and my robotic observatory in Spain, and you can see my recent photographs on my AstroBin page.

I’m now upgrading some hardware, having purchased a Simak 240 Maksutov-Cassegrain telescope, manufactured by Costruzioni Ottiche Zen. Everything is almost in place, save the need of collimation. I hope to have a great first light in January 2013!