As I said in my previous post, my Simak 240, a telescope manufactured by Costruzioni Ottiche Zen, is currently decollimated. That’s because of the long distance shipping, and misfortunate collimation attempt by the company that hosts my gear at the remote robotic observatory.

Anyway, the problem should be solved is a relatively short time. Because of the decollimation and the pinched optics, I doubt that FocusMax can do a proper job, understandably, and lots of detail is lost.

However, the result is very encouraging!

I guess this is a great start. I’m really happy that my 10Micron GM2000 didn’t complain at all about the 20 or 25 kg I loaded on it: my guiding graph is really smooth and usually oscillates within one third of a pixel. Not bad for a sampling of 1.24 pixels per arc-second!