A starless Horsehead

Few weeks ago, another customer of AstroCamp, Roland, was nice enough and had a look at my telescope, disassembling it in order to find where the pinching of the optics laid. Howver, he didn’t manage to solve the problem. Instead, he took some pictures of the disassembled system, and they have helped the manufacturer of the telescope give me good directions as to how to proceed.

After assembling the telescope again, he didn’t unfortunately have time to collimate it, so I’m now left with a disastrously bad collimation! It’s so bad, I had to remove the stars from the above pictures to make it worth looking at.

It’s very promising, but you can see how there’s a definite loss of detail.

Samuel, whom I cannot ever thank enough, will go to Nerpio again in a week or two, and this time I’m confident that the problem will be fixed for good!