If you find yourself having to migrate from MySql to Postgresql, and you use mysql2psql as suggested all over the Internet, mind that all the Postgresql SEQUENCEs will be orphaned.

You may go and fix them one by one like this:

ALTER SEQUENCE foo_id_seq OWNED BY foo.id;

but that might take you forever. The following code will update all of them in one go.

create function exec(text) returns text language plpgsql
 as $f$ begin execute $1; return $1; end; $f$;

select exec(format('alter sequence %s owned by %s.%I',
                   c.oid::regclass, a.attrelid::regclass, a.attname))
  from pg_class c
  join pg_depend d on (d.refobjid=c.oid and d.refclassid='pg_class'::regclass)
  join pg_attrdef ad on (d.objid=ad.oid and d.classid='pg_attrdef'::regclass)
  join pg_attribute a on (a.attrelid=ad.adrelid and a.attnum=ad.adnum)
 where c.relkind='S'
   and not exists(select * from pg_depend
                   where objid=c.oid and classid='pg_class'::regclass
                     and refclassid='pg_class'::regclass and refobjsubid>0
                     and deptype='a');

Remember to use transactions (begin; and commit;, or rollback; in case of error), and to backup your database before attempting this. I’m not responsible for your data losses.