CEDIC 2013

I had the great pleasure, this past weekend, to attend and be a speaker at the Central European Deepsky Imaging Conference.

It was my first astrophotography conference, and I had a great time giving faces to a lot of names. I’ve met with many people I only knew online, and some folks whose reputation had preceded them.

My talk was about AstroBin and its significance for the amateur astronomy community. I briefly explained what the site is and what it can do. I touched on AstroBin Questions, and AstroBin Raw Data.

It was a great honor to have the stage right after the famous David Malin, whom many consider the father of modern astrophotography, thanks to the many techniques he has pioneered.

The talk went well, even though I wish I had had more time.

I’m looking forward to be at CEDIC again in two years!