New bike day!

After riding for a few years on a Marin Alp Fairfax, a hybrid bike with road ambitions, I decided it was time to gift me with something better.

With my birthday coming up, and taking advantage of the fact that I was in Italy for some time, in Veneto, a region densely packed with cyclists, I went bike shopping.

This Trek Madone 3.5 was the bike of the year 2012, and is a great compromise of speed and comfort. Great bang for the buck, and 20% off because it’s last year’s model.

It’s got a Shimano Ultegra group and Shimano 105 brakes.

I took it for a ride yesterday and it really felt like night and day compared to my previous bike. This thing accelerates like it has a will of its own. It’s easier to reach faster speeds and maintain them. The group shift with a quiet click and it feels very appeasing.

Now I’m going to have to hope for good day weather and night weather. Is that too much to ask?