NGC 6503

This new moon I decided to try a galaxy. NGC 6503 is not a commonly imaged target: there are only seven instances on AstroBin.

It’s a dwarf spiral galaxy located in the Local Void, 17 million light-years away in the constellation of Draco.

The Local Void is a vast, empty region of space, lying adjacent to our own Local Group. Discovered by Brent Tully and Rick Fisher in 1987, the Local Void is now known to be composed of three separate sectors, separated by bridges of “wispy filaments”. The precise extent of the void is unknown, but it is at least 150 million light years across and may have a long dimension of up to 70 Mpc (230 million light years). The Local Void also appears to have significantly fewer galaxies than expected from standard cosmology. (Wikipedia)

For this image, I let my equipment run for ten hours and twenty minutes.

The image can be seen on AstroBin as well.