A proficuous Autumn has gifted Samuel and me of many clear nights, so I am able to share once again a deep image of two nice galaxies with background wisps of Integrated Flux Nebula.

NGC 2633 (mag 12) and 2634 (mag 11.8) are two galaxies in the constellation of Camelopardalis (also known as the Giraffe), each about 2’ across in apparent size.

The entire field is permeated by the Integrated Flux Nebula, which is well visible in a structure of two definite wisps. Samuel’s version of this image shows a larger field and a greater extension of the filaments.

This image was acquired in Nerpio, Spain, as detailed below:

  • Luminance: 86x1200”, GSO RC10, Atik 4000, Paramount MX
  • RGB: 83x600”, GSO RC8, Moravian Instruments G2-1600, 10Micron GM2000

I have found traces of the IFN on other images of this fields, but this is the one where they are the most obvious.

The image is also available on AstroBin: NGC2633-34 and wisps of IFN on AstroBin.