At the end of November 2013, Samuel and I have turned our telescopes towards the Abell 426 galaxy cluster in Perseus.

This image is the result of 43.5 hours worth of data, structured as follows:

  • Luminance: 30x1200”, GSO RC10, Atik 4000, Paramount MX
  • Hα: 15x3600”, GSO RC8, Moravian Instuments G2-1600, 10Micron GM2000
  • RGB: 222x300” bin2, GSO RC8, Moravian Instruments G2-1600, 10Micron GM2000

The image can be seen on AstroBin as well: Abell 426 on AstroBin.

From Wikipedia: The Perseus Cluster (Abell 426) is a cluster of galaxies in the constellation Perseus. It has a recession speed of 5,366 km/s and a diameter of 863’. It is one of the most massive objects in the universe, containing thousands of galaxies immersed in a vast cloud of multimillion degree gas.